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Upcoming Events Cybersecurity Webinar Series: Working with Technology Service Providers

Utilizing a managed service provider for your organization’s entire IT department or for a specific need (e.g. network management) is a great way to provide value to your organization without having to hire and maintain a team of professionals.  Unfortunately, many organizations believe that outsourcing IT services washes their hands of security responsibilities. Utilizing a service provider does…

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Upcoming Events Cybersecurity Webinar Series: Implementing Policies for Cybersecurity and Acceptable Use

How do employees, contractors, and volunteers know what is acceptable within your organization? Are they allowed to forward all their emails to their personal email account? Can they use their personal laptop while in the office?  These types of topics and many others should be outlined in the organization’s cybersecurity policy and corresponding acceptable use policy. These documents provide…

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Upcoming Events Cybersecurity Webinar Series: Data Management and Security

What types of data does your organization utilize? Would you be able to identify where all your data is stored? Data management and security involves collecting, storing, organizing, protecting, verifying, and processing essential data available to your organization. It’s important for organizations to know the different types of data it collects – such as PII (Personally Identifiable Information…

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