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About Special Districts Association of Oregon

Special Districts Association of Oregon was formed in 1979 to give special districts a stronger and united voice at the Oregon Legislature. SDAO provides advocacy with state administrative agencies and other units of government, training, information resources, and other support programs. Membership has grown to over 900 local government members.

SDAO is governed by a twelve-member board of directors that exercises general supervision over the affairs of the organization.  The Board’s governance and formulation of policies are exercised in accordance with the association’s bylaws. The annual business meeting of SDAO members, held in conjunction with the February annual conference, gives members an opportunity to elect, for two-year terms, their association’s Board of Directors.

SDAO Currently Operates as a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation.  Based upon its legal status and bylaws, SDAO Board decisions and programs are limited primarily to Oregon special districts as listed in ORS Chapter 198; intergovernmental organizations created under ORS Chapter 190; affiliate organizations covered by the Oregon Tort Claims Act in ORS Chapter 30; school districts under ORS Chapter 332 and educational service districts under ORS Chapter 334.  Other statues of importance include those for Oregon not-for-profit corporations, ORS Chapter 65, and ORS Chapter 731 and Chapter 656, which regulate self-insured pools.

SDAO has become increasingly important as the membership has grown and the operation of special districts has become more complex. It has become an effective lobbying and educational organization that strives to serve the needs of its members.