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SDAO Partners with Shake Alert

We have learned of a new program that we feel may help our members reduce the risk of infrastructure damage during an earthquake. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is sponsoring a pilot program called Shake Alert. Shake Alert is an earthquake early warning system, and they are looking to partner with our members.

Shake Alert is designed to send out messages to partners in the event a seismic shift is sensed. The program is designed to communicate with any automated systems your district may have. For example, if you use a SCADA system to monitor and control water valves, the program would be able to automatically shut off valves you set up to help prevent extreme water loss prior to a major pipe breaking. If you have automated garage door openers, you can set the alert system up to automatically open the bay doors. If you have automated controls for transformers, you can set up the system to automatically turn certain transformers off or divert power.

SDAO is in the process of working with the Oregon representative for Shake Alert to receive promotional material. If you would like more information now, you can check out the Shake Alert website at