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Membership Profile

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SDAO Membership Information
Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) was formed in 1979 to give special districts a stronger and united voice at the Oregon Legislature. As with similar associations that support cities, counties, schools, and local governments, the Association provides advocacy with state administrative agencies and other units of government, training, information resources, and other support programs. SDAO has grown its membership to over 900 local government members. To the left, you will see a graphic representation of our membership profile.

To learn more about membership with SDAO, please view our membership guide.

What is a Special District?
Special districts are a form of local government. They are created by their constituents to meet specific service needs for their communities. Most perform a single function such as water delivery, fire protection, wastewater or cemetery maintenance, to name a few. Some, like county service districts, provide multiple services. Learn more...

                                                           Where are Oregon's special districts?

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This map shows you where SDAO's special district members are located in  the state

Types of Special Districts
• Airport
• Cemetery Maintenance
• County Service
• Diking
• Domestic Water Supply
• Drainage
• Emergency Communication
• Fire Protection
• Geothermal Heating
• Health
• Heritage
• Highway Lighting
• Irrigation
• Library
• Mass Transit
• Metropolitan Service
• Park and Recreation
• People’s Utility
• Ports
• Predator Control
• Radio and Data
• 9-1-1 Communications
• Road Assessment
• Sand Removal
• Sanitary
• Soil and Water Conservation
• Special Road
• Transportation
• Vector Control
• Water Control
• Water Improvement
• Weather Modification
• Weed Control

Special District Funding
Special districts are funded either through property tax revenues, fees charged to customers for services or a combination of the two.