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Best Practices Program

2022 SDIS Best Practices Program

Your district can receive up to a 10% discount on your general liability, auto liability, and property insurance contributions for the 2023 policy year.

Complete the Survey!  

  • Sign in at
  • Then, click on Insurance located on the left
  • Next, click on Best Practices located on the left
  • Click Take Survey
  • Once in the survey, check all of the applicable boxes. After you have completed, click Save at the top right of the screen. 

After clicking Save, the survey has been submitted. If you refresh the survey and the boxes are still checked, we have the information. Did you forget to check a box or later complete a requirement? No worries. You can come back and edit the survey all the way until the November 4th deadline


The SDIS Best Practices Program was designed to assist special districts with implementing best practices to mitigate risk in areas of high exposure. Your district can receive credits on its property/casualty insurance contributions and can take up to 10% off your district’s general liability, auto liability, and property insurance contributions for the 2023 policy year. The following information outlines the five credit opportunities for this year’s program.

To receive credit, a district representative must complete the Best Practices Survey (located online on the SDIS Insurance Site) and click the Save button at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Credit will only be awarded in a category when a box within that section is checked. If you cannot answer “yes” to at least one question within that category, credit will not be recorded. The survey must be submitted by a district representative who will verify completion of the credit requirements within the survey. Training credits taken by members are not automatically updated in the Best Practices Survey and must be manually checked off by the member. Please note, each district is responsible for completing their own survey online. The deadline to complete the survey is Nov. 4, 2022.


1.      Affiliate Organization Membership Credit: 2%

You will receive a 2% credit for being a member of any of the following affiliated organizations:

  • Cemetery Association of Oregon
  • Oregon APCO-NENA
  • Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies
  • Oregon Association of Conservation Districts
  • Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Oregon Association of Water Utilities
  • Oregon Economic Development District Association
  • Oregon Fire Chiefs Association
  • Oregon Fire District Directors Association
  • Oregon Library Association
  • Oregon Mosquito and Vector Control Association
  • Oregon People’s Utility Districts Association
  • Oregon PRIMA
  • Oregon Public Ports Association
  • Oregon Recreation and Park Association
  • Oregon Rural Health Association
  • Oregon Transit Association
  • Oregon Water Resources Congress

As we have several district types, this is not a comprehensive list. If you have any questions, please contact Jaime Keeling at

2.      Board Duties and Responsibilities Policy Credit: 2%

In order to receive the 2% credit, your district must have adopted a policy regarding board duties and responsibilities. A sample policy is available for download here:

3.    Board Duties and Responsibilities ChecklistCredit: 2%

To receive credit in this category, you must complete the self-evaluation checklist that is available within the Best Practices Survey located on the SDIS Insurance Site ( The checklist can be viewed once you have opened the survey. The survey will go live on the Insurance Site in spring of 2022.

4.      SDAO/SDIS Training Credit: 2%
You must certify that ALL members of the board have attended one online or in person class regarding board members duties and responsibilities or the board can engage in a Board Practices Assessment conducted by an SDAO consultant.

  • SDAO Board of Directors and Management Staff Regional Training
  • Board Duties and Responsibilities Pre-Conference Training (This training will be streamed on February 10th during the 2022 SDAO Annual Conference on the virtual conference platform.)
  • OFDDA/OFCA board trainings sponsored by SDAO
  • Boardsmanship 301 – (Online training video viewable at
  • Boardroom Dancing – (Online training video viewable at

To sign up for a Board Practices Assessment, please contact Shanta Carter, Consulting Services Administrator, at

5.      Board Member Education Program Credit: 2%

To receive the credit in this category, at least two (2) members of the board will need to enroll in the SDAO Board Leadership Academy (all district types) OR in the SDAO/OFDDA Fire District Directors Academy (applicable to fire districts). There is no cost to enroll in these board education programs.

**Special Note: Board members do NOT need to complete any trainings in the Academy for the district to receive credit in this category. They simply need to enroll.**

Eligible individuals will need to complete an enrollment form located on the SDAO website at or and submit it to SDAO Member Services ( to enroll.

If you have any questions regarding the Best Practices Program or need help completing it online, please contact Jaime Keeling at or 800.285.5461 ext. 122.