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SDAO Academy

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**Learn more about SDAO's different academies with this 20-minute webinar.**

Further your personal and professional growth with the SDAO Academy. This professional development program is designed specifically for special district employees looking to advance their careers in local government management.

The SDAO Academy offers current, in-depth training and education opportunities in three specialty areas including district management, human resources and personnel management, and risk management and operations. Knowledge and skills in these subjects are critical elements required for success as a leader at a special district. Participants will develop their leadership and management skills and will be better prepared to take on more responsibility at their district.

The benefits are numerous and will help participants:
• Better understand the regulations and risks associated with everyday operations
• Develop leadership and management skills
• Improve chances for promotion and advancement
• Build confidence in skills and proficiency of job duties

Benefits for the District
• This is an opportunity for employees to assist in succession planning and will develop future district leaders’ managerial skills.
• The program is a way to reward employees through training to help advance their career and subsequently motivate them in their current roles.
• The net impact to the district is the mitigation of liability, property, and workers’ compensation claims..