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Program Curriculum

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A curriculum of study has been developed for each of the specialty areas and will be delivered through SDAO training programs (annual conference, stand-alone regional seminars, on-site trainings facilitated by SDAO staff, webinars, and online courses) and in coordination with affiliate organization offerings. Courses must be specifically identified as SDAO Academy credit eligible to apply. Training courses or conference sessions for both SDAO and affiliates will be marked with the SDAO Academy logo to indicate eligibility.

SDAO Academy is based on a credit system earning five credits per training and achieving program completion at 100 credits. Participants are required to complete four training topics in each specialty area in-person by attending the annual conference and/or stand-alone regional seminars.

Online SafePersonnel training courses that are eligible for SDAO Academy credit.

District Management - 30 Credits (6 Courses) 

Only one course per topic will receive credit.

• Board Relations
• Contract Management / Risk Transfer
• Elections
• Ethics
• Financial Management and Audits
• Insurance Coverages 
• Intergovernmental Affairs/Agreements
• Public Meetings and Public Records
• Public Relations
• Strategic Planning 

Human Resources/Personnel Management - 30 Credits (6 Courses)

Only one course per topic will receive credit.

• Harassment & Discrimination
• Drug & Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion
• Internal Investigations
• Managing Employee Leave
• Hiring Practices / Performance Management / Documentation / Discipline / Discharge
• Social Media
• HR Audit / Compliance Audit
• Wage & Hour Compliance

Risk Management/Operations - 30 Credits (6 Courses)

Only one course per topic will receive credit.

• Accident Investigation / Reporting*
• Bloodborne Pathogens*
• Confined Space*
• Cyber Risks
• Driver Training
• Electrical Safety*
• Emergency Response Planning
• Ergonomics
• Facility Maintenance / Property Inspections
• Fall Protection*
• First Aid & CPR (Can be completed outside of SDAO offerings)
• Hazard Communications*
• Injury / Illness Prevention Program
• Lockout / Tagout*
• LP Toolkit for Workers’ Comp Members
• Respiratory Protection*
• Return-to-Work
• Risk Management and Supervision
• Risk Management Culture
• Safety Committees*
• Safety OR-OSHA Inspections*
• Trenching & Excavation Practices*
• Wellness

*These courses can also be completed through OR-OSHA.

Electives - 10 Credits (2 Courses)
Program participants may choose electives based on individual interests and/or job requirements. Outside sources such as seminars and webinars can be used.

To receive credit for non-SDAO elective courses, the following information must be included when a course is being submitted for approval:

1. Proof of attendance – a certificate or card of completion
2. Course title
3. Name of the affiliate organization that sponsored the course
4. Course date
5. Small description of the course material that was covered

Please submit the above information to Jennifer Quisenberry for approval.