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Cybersecurity Resources

To help protect your district from a potential shutdown and having to pay enormous amounts of money to get your systems back up and operational, SDIS has teamed up with Eide Bailly to provide no-cost cybersecurity training and resources to members. The goal of this partnership is to help educate SDIS members on the principles and practices of cybersecurity and risk mitigation. All SDIS members are provided with access to a cybersecurity guidebook, cybersecurity virtual webinars on varying cybersecurity topics and best practices, training sessions on cyber-related topics and access to cybersecurity resources.


The cybersecurity guidebook includes an overview of cybersecurity essentials and a series of best practices that will start with the basics, but if you’d like to dive deeper into your cybersecurity program, there are more technical items that can be reviewed. Click here to download this valuable resource.

For other resources and access to cybersecurity experts, please contact Anders Erickson or Matt Solomon with Eide Bailly.