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Switching to a .gov Domain

Switching your district’s website to a .gov domain for both your website and email sounds like a daunting task. However, there are many benefits associated with transferring over. Since it is a domain that is only available to US-based government organizations, using it signals trust and credibility and it strengthens cybersecurity.


“Using .gov and increasing trust that government communications are authentic will improve our collective cybersecurity,” said Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director for CISA’s Cybersecurity Division. “People see a .gov website or email address and know they are interacting with an official, U.S.-based government organization. Using .gov also provides security benefits, like two-factor authentication on the .gov registrar and notifications of DNS changes to administrators, over other TLDs [top-level domains]. We’ll endeavor to make the TLD more secure for the American public and harder for malicious actors to impersonate.”


For more information on switching to the .gov domain, please download these handy guides that our friends at Streamline have put together.



If your district is currently using Streamline, they have a  Streamline-specific guide and a .gov application template on our Knowledge Base that you can follow to apply for a .gov domain. You can also reach out to directly; they are always happy to help where they can.