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SDAO/SAIF Workers' Compensation

SDAO and SAIF have partnered to provide workers’ compensation coverage for SDAO members. While SDIS will no longer be offering workers’ compensation coverage, this partnership allows your district to continue receiving risk management services from SDAO while receiving workers’ compensation coverage from SAIF. These risk management services include:

  • Onsite risk assessments
  • Safety training
  • Online training
  • Additional risk management tools to help mitigate your workers’ compensation exposures

Join the SDAO Service Group

To receive these services from SDAO while covered by SAIF, your district will need to join the SDAO Service Group. The services and benefits provided to those enrolled in the service group are offered at no charge and do not increase premiums or carry any extra fees or expenses.

By signing the form, your district can continue to utilize the above-mentioned risk management services plus the following benefits:

  • SDAO members participating in the SDIS property/liability program will receive a 4% discount on their property/liability contribution
  • $250,000 in criminal defense coverage for unintended negligence as a result of an injured employee
  • $25,000 in OSHA defense coverage
  • $10,000 in HIPAA defense coverage
  • Continued support of the Public Safety Employee Assistance Program for all career firefighters in Oregon and districts with career first responders
  • SDAO members in good standing that meet SAIF underwriting and eligibility standards may qualify for an additional discount on their workers’ compensation policy

We look forward to continuing to work with your district and providing you with high-quality risk management services. For more information about SDAO/SAIF transition and servicing group, please visit: If you have any questions, please contact your agent or email the Underwriting Department at

Please note: this communication will also be sent by mail to make sure your district has received the information. You have the option of returning the form by email, fax, or mail.



Please check out the below links for two FAQ sheets developed for both SDAO members and agents: