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SAIF Webinar Recordings

Please see below for webinar recordings from SAIF.

Claim Basics

This is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about how to file a workers' compensation claim with SAIF. More than just the "when" and "how," this class covers injured worker benefits, claim costs and how they can be influenced, reserving claims, and much more. Watch the recording:


Beyond Claim Basics

A fascinating class packed with information and presented by adjusters who walk you through some of the more strategic areas of claim management. They cover key factors driving claim costs and what you can do as the employer to help manage those costs. You'll hear updates on return-to-work and the Employer-at-Injury Program, rising medical costs, reserves, combined conditions, permanent impairment, investigations, vocational benefits, settlements, and much more. Watch the recording:


Premium Audit Overview for Special Districts and Municipalities and a Look at SAIF’s Online Resources 

Premium Audit Overview
Audits are an integral part of workers’ compensation process. This class contains an overview of the audit process, tips, and best practices for special districts  and municipalities. Also covered are the classification process, maintaining documentation for volunteers, payroll reporting, and interchange of labor.

A Look at SAIF’s Online Resources
We will review SAIF’s online resources, including steps for registering to access your policy and claim information.