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Pre-Loss Legal Services

SDAO provides advice and/or legal assistance to members enrolled in SDIS’s General Liability Program on issues that may generate a claim covered under the SDIS Property/Casualty Coverage Document.

How does the program work?
If your district needs assistance with a pre-loss legal issue, our staff can help. Such issues might include employment practice questions, terminations, board practices, and more. 

Any requests for legal assistance outside the scope of duties of SDAO staff, must be referred by SDAO staff to an attorney contracted with SDIS to perform services under the Pre-Loss Legal Program. Each authorized referral will be entitled to up to three hours of free legal assistance. Additional time may be approved depending on the complexity of the issue. If your district calls for pre-loss legal advice prior to making an employment termination decision, the $25,000 deductible will be waived.

SDIS will not pay any legal fees resulting from a district directly contacting an attorney.

What types of issues are covered?
• Employment (state, federal, administrative)
• General tort issues (negligence, defamation)
• And more 

How do I access the program?
Call SDAO at 800-285-5461 or 503-371-8667 and ask to speak to someone regarding a pre-loss legal issue.

PACE (Schools or School Districts)
For PACE Legal Services, please call 503-485-4800.