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ShakeAlert® Update August 2021

Over the past couple of months, SDAO has shared information regarding ShakeAlert, the United States Earthquake Early Warning System. In those months, ShakeAlert has been able to begin public alerting and continues to increase the number of ShakeAlert Licensed Operators and those in the ShakeAlert Pilot Program.

For those members that are interested in learning more about ShakeAlert, our Oregon ShakeAlert Coordinator, Lucy Walsh, has offered to set up times for you to meet with her or the Licensed Operators. Lucy can provide information about the ShakeAlert System and how to develop your own alert delivery mechanism (i.e. Pilot Partner program). Licensed Operators can walk you through the alert delivery services they provide that allow you to take automated action before strong shaking arrives.

If you are interested in seeing a list of current Licensed Operators you can use this link: You can work with Lucy to connect with any Licensed Operator, or reach out directly.

  • The Licensed Operator’s website provides a rough idea of the alert delivery service they provide. Meeting one-on-one with a Licensed Operator is a great solution for learning more about the alert delivery solutions they offer. 
  • Members who are interested in the services of a Licensed Operator should focus their efforts on Early Warning Labs, Global Security Systems/ALERT FM, RH2 Engineering, SkyAlert, Valcom, and Varius. These six are currently the only Licensed Operators that sell products to external clients.

For more information on Pilot partnerships and Licensed Operators, ShakeAlert has updated their FAQ on Technical Partnerships. It can be found at: . This covers the options for receiving alerts and taking action outside of public-wide alerting via WEA and other apps.

ShakeAlert has a QuickStart Guide that reviews what it takes to develop your own alert delivery mechanism under the ShakeAlert program and can be found on this link:

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting to learn more about ShakeAlert, joining the Pilot Program or using the services of a Licensed Operator, please contact:

Lucy Walsh
Oregon ShakeAlert Coordinator
University of Oregon