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November Mitigation Updates 

The mitigation team wanted to provide some important updates to all the different mitigation grants and activities going on at Oregon Office of Emergency Management.  Attached is a PowerPoint for your reference which shows the current grant rounds either open or in review.


  • The Interagency Hazard Mitigation Team (IHMT) has come together to start the review process for all submitted pre-applications.  The deadline for application review is December 3, 2021.  December 6, subapplicants will be notified of their application status and next steps.  It is our intent that we will put as many projects through as there is funding, and hold some as alternates should a project withdraw. 


HMGP-DR-4562 and HMGP-PF-FM-5327

  • FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Technical Assistance Program (HMTAP) members are continuing to assist all jurisdictions who’ve submitted subapplications under DR-4562 or HMGP-PF-FM-5327.  At last count, there were 17 jurisdictions who are working with the HMTAP Team.  If you are needing assistance or technical support, please contact Anna Feigum (SHMO) at to get you in contact with the team.  The deadline for DR-4562 subapplications AND cost share assistance applications associated with DR-4562 or HMGP-PF-FM-5327 is January 29, 2022. 
  • Directly after the deadline for DR-4562, the IHMT will convene to review submitted project and 5% subapplications.  Additionally, any cost share assistance applications for these projects will be reviewed at the same time.  Due to the quantity of subapplications anticipated, the review timeline for the IHMT is still being determined.  Plans and Advanced Assistance (AA) subapplications may be submitted at any time and are moving forward for formal review as they are submitted.  If you have questions about cost share assistance provided by HB5006, you can email  Cost share assistance was only provided for those HMGP applications submitted under HMGP-DR-4562 or HMGP-PF-FM-5327
  • Following up a previous mitigation update email, the priorities and criteria provided to the IHMT review panel will remain the same as outlined in the DR4562 NOFO - wildfire affected jurisdictions and wildfire mitigation projects.  The available funds has been exceeded.  Those projects who are not selected to move forward will be engaged with after the selection process to determine potential other grant rounds to move pre-applications to or if some pre-applications will be held as alternates or pending until additional HMGP funds come available. 



  • A reminder that the due date for pre-applications is November 26, 2021.  Currently, there is over $1.5 Million available for this grant round. 



  • The IHMT has made their selection of subapplicants who were invited to complete subapplications for BRIC and FMA FY2021.  OEM is continuing to work with FEMA to sort out some of the technical issues with FEMAGo.  Currently, the mitigation team has added all suborganizations who were invited to submit subapplications to FEMAGo.  If you haven’t, ensure you log in and have the correct permissions.  There continues to be some disconnect with the DUNS/UEI numbers and those associated who can make changes in FEMAGo.  If you run into any technical difficulties, please contact Stephen Richardson (Mitigation Section Manager), contact information below, who is coordinating BRIC/ FMA 2021. 

Stephen Richardson
Mitigation and Individual Assistance
Section Manager

Oregon Office of Emergency Management
Office (503) 378-3316
Cell (971) 332-0005