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National Special Districts Support, Urge Congress to Pass Bipartisan Infrastructure Package

The Special Districts Association of Oregon joined the National Special Districts Coalition (NSDC) on a letter sent Tuesday to Congressional leadership outlining its support for the Senate-passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, highlighting major policies that would benefit special districts and the services they provide. “More than $1.2 trillion in much-needed investments would, in part, aid special districts’ ability to boost regional economies, better serve disadvantaged communities, and continue improving the quality of life in communities across the country,” the Coalition wrote.
The letter focuses on components of the bill that would directly impact the nation’s more-than 30,000 special districts and the communities they serve, including clean water and drinking water programs, transportation investments, wildfire and forest management, broadband deployment, grid reliability, provisions aimed to mitigate cybersecurity risks, and addressing the worsening western drought.

Read the full letter here.