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Mitigation Updates 6.22.2021

Attached is the most recent Mitigation Snap-Shot for the wildfire disaster.  Please see below for important updates!

  • HMGP-DR-4562-OR (tied to the September 15, 2020 Presidential Disaster Declaration for the wildfires).
    On March 30, 2021, Oregon received its largest HMGP grant in state history, $115,492,684.  Our team has been diligently working with all jurisdictions to provide information, assist in the pre-application process, and provide local support through our FEMA teams.  Pre-applications are due in just over a month, August 1, 2021.
    As we continue to gather pre-applications, it is possible that the Interagency Hazard Mitigation Team (IHMT) will be activated to begin the competitive process.  What does this mean?  As we continue to get pre-applications, they will be reviewed by the SHMO and mitigation team.  If we exceed the federal ceiling of $115,492,684, we will begin to review sub-applications to ensure they align with the state priorities first, review others with the IHMT to select which ones move forward, and begin to explore other mitigation opportunities such as Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) and Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC).  We expect Notices of Funding Opportunity for both FMA and BRIC to drop in early August.
    The State’s priorities were to those wildfire affected jurisdictions and wildfire mitigation projects.   
  • HMGP-PF-FM-5327-OR (tied to the 16 FMAGs in August/September 2020)
    A reminder to those jurisdictions who have submitted pre-applications under this grant round, sub-applications are due just over a month away, August 1, 2021. 
    Please continue to submit pre-applications to for review. As a reminder, priority is being given to those fire affected jurisdictions under 4562 and ice storm affected jurisdictions under 4599. 
    If you have submitted a pre-application under 4562, I would encourage you to start working on the sub-application so we can begin the FEMA review sooner than later.  These sub-application reviews can have multiple layers and take some time if there is additional information needed.  Our local FEMA teams are still available to assist in answering questions or providing technical assistance when you are filling out the sub-applications including the benefit-cost analysis.
    If you have submitted a pre-application for 5327 or 4562, and DO NOT intend to submit a sub-application, please let us know as soon as possible so we can accurately reflect what funds are still available. You can withdraw a pre-application by emailing and letting us know.   

As always, we are here to answer questions, schedule question/answer sessions with the SHMO, or assign technical assistance if needed.  Thank you all!  It is amazing to see how many mitigation projects are out there and how we are taking some amazing steps to make Oregon more resilient!  Have a great week!

Stephen Richardson
Mitigation and Individual Assistance
Section Manager

Oregon Office of Emergency Management
Office (503) 378-3316
Cell (971) 332-0005