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Wildfire First Responder Support

The wildfires across Oregon have affected us all and have left us seeking ways that we can support our brave first responders that have been on the front lines of this fight. Our fire district members have informed us that they have most of the supplies they need, but their volunteers are really struggling and hurting. Many of these individuals have been putting in upwards of 60 hours without sleep. Many of these volunteers do not have adequate health insurance and are losing income while away from their jobs. Some have lost their own homes and it is feared even loved ones while trying to save others.   

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To assist volunteer firefighters and their families that have suffered financial hardship, the Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association (OVFA) has set up a relief fund. You can contribute to the OVFA Firefighter Relief Fund by visiting their donation webpage at


Our hearts are broken during these devastating times. While there are not enough words to show our appreciation and gratitude to these hardworking individuals, we would like to offer our support. Special Districts Association of Oregon and Special Districts Insurance Services will each be contributing $5,000 to the OVFA Firefighter Relief Fund for a combined total of $10,000.


Thank you to our first responders. We continue to hold you all in our thoughts and prayers.