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WHA is licensed to conduct insurance business in 48 states, with over 40 licensed agents who are each uniquely trained to specialize in a specific type of coverage. Combined, our team can meet almost any insurance and risk management need you may encounter. We hold both insurance and consulting licenses, and for those clients who are only looking for Risk Management, our services are available for a fee or at an hourly rate.

We believe that we can best serve you through a thorough understanding of both our industry and yours. Many agents in the industry simply “talk insurance” at their clients, but our involvement with your trade associations allows us to talk with you about your industry and how it relates to your specific needs. Each of our licensed agents and consultants are singularly focused on the needs of one of 14 specific industries, which means that all clients are serviced by a specialist who has devoted their time and training to targeted areas of risk. That superior market and coverage knowledge can then translate into more accurate coverage options at better rates.



- Free 1/2 hour needs assessment consultation to determine the capacity of our firm 

- 20% discount on daily rate for services rendered per agreed upon assessment and engagement design.

- Free 20-page publication on collaborative negotiation.

- Free access to WHA's Risk Management Center.


Phone: 800.852.6140


Download your complimentary accident kit.