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Week of July 29, 2022

New Grant Opportunities

Department of Energy
FY 2022 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Advancing Equity through Workforce Partnerships
 This program will develop workforce programs and partnerships that facilitate the continued deployment of solar energy technologies, while supporting an inclusive workforce with opportunities for career advancement, including through union membership. Click here for more information.
WHO'S ELIGIBLE? Local and state governments, institutions of higher education, and nonprofit organizations
WHEN'S IT DUE? December 6, 2022


Department of Interior
FY 2022 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative – Joint Venture Habitat Restoration and Protection
This program targets the most significant environmental problems in the Great Lakes ecosystem by funding and implementing federal projects that address these problems. The program will fund partner projects for long-term habitat protection, restoration, or enhancement, for conservation of native Great Lakes fish and wildlife populations, particularly migratory birds. Click here for more information.
WHO'S ELIGIBLE? Local and state governments, special districts, institutions of higher education, Native American tribal governments, nonprofit organizations with or without 501(c)(3) status
WHEN'S IT DUE? September 20, 2022


Department of Transportation
FY 2022 All Stations Accessibility Program
This program supports public transportation rail station accessibility projects for legacy stations. Funding will support capital projects to upgrade the accessibility of legacy rail fixed guideway public transportation systems, such as subway, commuter rail, and light rail, for persons with disabilities, including those who use wheelchairs, by increasing the number of existing stations or facilities, such as outdoor light-rail boarding and alighting areas, that are fully accessible. Click here for more information.
WHO'S ELIGIBLE? Designated recipients that operate or allocate funds to inaccessible pre-American with Disabilities Act rail fixed guideway public transportation systems, States, and local governmental entities that operate or financially support legacy rail fixed guideway transportation systems.
WHEN'S IT DUE? September 30, 2022


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