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SDAO Main Office

PO Box 12613
Salem, OR 97309-0613

Toll Free: 800-285-5461

Salem Area: 503-371-8667

Fax: 503-371-4781 

General Information: (redacted)

Employee Benefits: (redacted)

Member Services: (redacted)

Pre-Loss/Technical Assistance/HR: (redacted) 

Risk Management(redacted)

Underwriting: (redacted)


SDAO Claims Office

PO Box 23879
Tigard, OR 97281-3879 

Toll Free: 800-305-1736

Tigard Area: 503-670-7066 

Property/Liability:  (redacted) Fax: 503-620-9817 

Workers' Compensation:  (redacted) Fax: 503-620-6217

 Return To Work:  (redacted) 

Consulting Services:  (redacted)