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Total Employer Cost of Compensation

SDAO has partnered with the Center for Public Service (CPS) at Portland State University to bring you access to a new web-based software that will allow you to easily calculate your district’s total cost of compensation for all positions within your organization. This tool, TECC (Total Employer Cost of Compensation), employs a standard methodology for public sector employers to identify and compare the major components of their employee costs beyond base salary. These TECC costs include retirement contributions, employer-paid health care benefits, overtime, paid time off, and more. 

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Subscribers can use the tool to compare their TECC costs with comparable jobs of other subscribers. TECC matches and compares similar jobs based on minimum requirements and job duties.  TECC subscribers also receive a bi-annual comparable report detailing all subscribers' data; the first such report contained information on more than 1,200 job titles. PSU's TECC team is also able to create customized comparable reports tailored to each subscriber's needs, and with just a few clicks, subscribers can create charts and tables that display all of their costs.

A better understanding of your district’s total compensation costs allows you the ability to target your resources more effectively and help promote more productive conversations and negotiations within and outside of your organization. And with key compensation components slated to increase significantly in coming years -- e.g. PERS and health care costs -- this kind of tool will be especially important.

SDAO members receive special pricing for this  valuable tool made specifically for government entities. Visit the TECC website to learn more. For member pricing or a demonstration of TECC capabilities, please contact Phil Kiesling, Director of CPS, at