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The Mark O. Hatfield Center for Cybersecurity: Professional Certificate in Building Cyber Resilience

The 12-week non-credit professional certificate is designed to help you gain foundational knowledge in cybersecurity so that you can develop policies and strategies to manage your cyber risk. Don’t worry if you don’t have a technical background. The accessible online lessons will get you up to speed so you can navigate current and future cybersecurity challenges. In your virtual class sessions, your program instructors will help you and your classmates unpack and apply key concepts using a case-study approach.

  • Learn about major types of risk and how they can be mitigated
  • Create and implement a risk management program for your organization
  • Explore the intersection of public policy and cyber risk
  • Build a peer network of other managers, public administrators, and IT professionals in local governments, special districts, nonprofit organizations, tribal governments, small hospitals, and educational institutions
  • Engage with experts in cybersecurity, collaboration, and local government

Program Dates: March 15 to June 4
Format: Virtual Zoom Sessions with Weekly Online Modules
Cost: $3,500

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Learn more by visiting the program website.