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The Board as Supervisor

This program explores sensitive issues – ones that are essential to effective district management. One of the least discussed aspects of being a board or commission member is the role of serving as the supervisor of the executive director or general manager, but it may be one of the most critical responsibilities a board or commission has. The time to discover that is not when the headlines appear about district difficulties.

Does the Board know what its role is and feel comfortable exercising its authority and responsibility for overall management of the district through its executive director? And what does that mean: How much operational guidance should be provided; what expectations should be set; how should differences of opinion between the executive director and the board be handled; how much push back from the executive director should be tolerated; what does respectful behavior and interaction look like?

All of these and more will be discussed during this session that’s intended to assist board and commission members in fulfilling their roles as manager of the district’s executive director.


Part 1

Part 2