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Special District Member Spotlight: Rockwood Water People's Utility District

On August 17, 2021, Rockwood Water People’s Utility District and the City of Gresham (partners in the Cascade Groundwater Alliance) held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Cascade Groundwater Development Program, a joint undertaking of nine project packages that will allow our agencies to fully supply our customers with water from the Cascade Groundwater System. U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley was our guest of honor. Rockwood Water PUD and the City of Gresham have taken our partnership to new heights, with a goal of having our jointly owned and operated 26-million-gallon (MG) water system online by 2025. The system will draw from the Sand and Gravel Aquifer—the oldest and deepest in the basin—to provide affordable and resilient water to our ratepayers. #DistrictsMakeTheDifference

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