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Special District Member Spotlight: McKenzie Fire & Rescue 

McKenzie Fire & Rescue has identified a trend in decreasing draft sites for fire engines in recent years. What started as an idea in January 2020, has now become a reality with the placement of their 3rd 15,000-gallon water tank. Each tank holds 15,000 gallons of water, is gravity fed, and could be used by one person in an emergency, freeing up additional personnel to assist on-scene. Each tank is also strategically placed within the district.

These tanks can be found at Camp Creek Church, Walterville Elementary School, and McKenzie Fire & Rescue’s Headquarters in Leaburg. They are currently working on the placement a 4th water tank. Fantastic work! #DistrictsMakeTheDifference

Photos taken by McKenzie Fire & Rescue

Fire Engine, McKenzie Fire Rescue
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