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SDAO Organizational Assessments

Without an organizational assessment, how do you know if your business or government agency is performing at maximum effectiveness and reaching its highest potential?

An Organizational Assessment is a tool that every organization should be using in the quest for continuous improvement. Performing an Organizational Assessment allows the organization to identify strengths and weaknesses and must have participation of key stakeholders across the organization. An assessment is an excellent method to take a step back and evaluate how the organization is operating as a whole. Forward thinking organizations understand there are always ways to improve stakeholder, customer or constituent services and support. When conducting an organizational assessment, government agencies will identify strengths and weaknesses leading to improvement opportunities that allows exploitation of untapped potential.

Our team of consultants have the expertise to assist your district with assessing your overall operation. With a look from the outside, our consultants can provide you with guidance and recommendations that will set your district up for long-term success. Consultants assess organizational efficiencies and effectiveness; financial sustainability; personnel management; operating policies and procedures; staff and board training opportunities and involvement; and specific operational activities associated with the type of district being assessed. A written report is provided to the district that summarizes the consultant’s findings and recommendations for improvements.


"The Lyons Rural Fire Protection District Board of Directors passed a motion to have SDAO come in to conduct an organizational review of the entire fire district. We had never done this process before. The SDAO team conducted a complete review of our department top to bottom. We were presented with and approved the final report. The board and staff have been using this report as a template to make positive changes, updates and create new opportunities for the fire district. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to the patrons of our district. We believe following this roadmap we can up our game internally and externally to provide that higher level of service. Thank you."

-Gary Rychard, Board President, Lyons Rural Fire Protection District.

"SDAO’s Organizational Assessment was a HIGHLY worthwhile use of our time & resources.  Our consultant was excellent.  She got right to work – in just a few days after we set up our contract with her, she had toured our facilities, attended one of our meetings, and interviewed a large number of our stakeholders.  We were impressed by how quickly she understood our organization and the challenges we face. She was very professional and provided honest feedback in a supportive manner. During the time she spent with us, she was a real member of our team and always readily available. At the end, she delivered an excellent 47-page report that is succinct and easy to follow. Among other things, it outlines the major areas where improvements are needed and contains the helpful resources needed to make these improvements. We highly recommend the Organizational Assessment and plan to make use of the other services provided by SDAO for volunteer Boards like ours." 

-Karen Kessi, SDIC Board of Directors 


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For more information on scheduling an organizational assessment for your district, please contact Consulting Services at or 800-305-1736. We look forward to hearing from you!