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SDAO Board of Directors Recruitment

The SDAO Board of Directors is soliciting applications for appointment to a vacancy on the board representing a Sanitary seat. The term runs through June 30, 2022. You must be an employee or board member of one of our sanitary districts.

The SDAO Board of Directors is the policy-making body for the association and meets approximately five times per year. Two of those meetings are two to three days in length and serve as strategic planning and work sessions. One is conducted in Salem (November) and the other is planned elsewhere in the state (April). Regular meetings are generally held in Salem (June and September) with one planned at our annual conference at a rotating location in Oregon (February).

Regular attendance at board meetings and participation in various assigned committees is a very important part of a board member’s role. Board members may spend from ten to fifteen hours per month preparing for, traveling to and from, and attending various board and committee meetings on Association business. The Association reimburses board members for out-of-pocket expenses associated with the travel to those meetings (e.g. mileage, meals and lodging – as necessary).

Application Procedure
Elected officials and employees of SDAO member districts who are interested and eligible to serve are invited to return the enclosed application form. Please submit your completed form by October 20, 2020 by mail, fax, or email (

Factors that will be considered in the appointment process will be knowledge and participation in Association programs and activities, appropriate leadership and teamwork skills, available time to participate, geographical balance on the board, and mixture of elected officials and appointed staff on the board. Knowledge of issues confronting special districts will also be considered as well as willingness to participate in a variety of board activities such as representing SDAO in various capacities, chairing committees, and serving as an officer on the Board of Directors. Please address these areas in your application.

If you have any questions regarding this appointment process, or the activities of the board, please call SDAO Executive Director Frank Stratton at 800-285-5461.

SDAO Board of Directors Application