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Risk Management Regional Training Series

Join us for an informative presentation designed to help you and your district manage your risk. Our team will review several exciting risk management topics including:

Working Smarter, Not Harder
This training will teach you strategies and best practices for mitigating the risk of workplace injuries. We will investigate the primary risk factors and discuss the most common types of injuries. We will also examine various approaches, such as ergonomic modifications, while focusing on preventing lifting, pushing and pulling type injuries. Finally, we will share examples of success stories our members have experienced that resulted in reducing the risk of injury.

Return to Work
Understanding the workers’ compensation process is the key to your district’s success with managing on-the-job injuries. In this training, you will learn how to effectively process your workers’ compensation claims and discover how best to mitigate costs through an early return to transitional work. Learn how improving communication and rapid reporting can also reduce your workers’ compensation costs. Finally, this training will explore the State’s Employer at Injury Program, which can be utilized to purchase equipment and expedite the return to work process.

Hot Topics – OR-OSHA: Smoke and Heat Rules
We will be reviewing where OR-OSHA is in the process of adopting permanent rules for exposure to excessive heat and wildfire smoke, what those rules might look like, and how they will impact your district operations. As time allows, we will offer an open discussion period where attendees can bring up other topics.

Accident Investigation and Reporting
“Help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!” Eventually, despite the best laid plans for prevention, an accident will occur at your district. When this happens, a proper investigation must be conducted, but do you know what that entails? This accident investigation training will help to provide you awareness of the process, should you ever need to complete an accident investigation. The training will also help you to understand the immediate actions necessary to respond to injuries or property damage, and the required OR-OSHA reporting. Finally, it will provide you with effective techniques for obtaining important accident information, focusing on the facts and analyzing data down to the root cause.

Dates, Times and Locations
November 17 | 9am-12pm | Newport

$50 for SDAO Members
$100 for SDIS Agents

Credit Information

  • ​SDAO Academy:
    - Risk Management/Operations: Return-to-Work – 5 Credits
    - Risk Management/Operations: Injury/Illness Prevention – 5 Credits
    - Risk Management/Operations: Accident Investigation/Reporting – 5 Credits
  • SHRM: HR Expertise: Risk Management – 3 PDC
  • SDIS Best Practices: SDAO/SDIS Training Category


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Dates, times and locations subject to change. All changes will be communicated in advance to registrants and members via email and our website.


A certificate of completion will be emailed to attendees after the training is completed to use for recordkeeping purposes.

Please contact SDAO Member Services with any questions at or 800-285-5461.