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Risk Management Process

The Risk Management Department is excited to announce our series on the risk management process. This series of articles was designed just for our members. Each article will help you develop a risk management process for your organization that is easy to understand and explore a different process that will provide information to help reduce your liability and increase the safety of your district.

The Risk Management Process (One Document PDF Download)

Individual Articles:

  • Risk Assessment will discuss who to involve in your assessments, identifying and prioritizing exposures, identifying your risk tolerance and discovering the importance of risk assessments.
  • Controls takes into consideration that you identified concerns during the risk assessment and now we will discuss four options for putting risk controls in place to help mitigate those exposures.
  • Implementation will address areas such as creating plans, implementing the plan and ideas on how to analyze, reevaluate and assess to ensure effectiveness.
  • Follow-Up will address the importance of following up on areas identified for improvement and will provide some ideas and best practices of how to do it effectively.

We hope you will find these articles helpful to your risk program. If you have any questions regarding your program or if you would like assistance from us, please reach out to the risk management team at 800-285-5461 or