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Request for Public Assistance Submission Extended for FEMA-4562-DR Public Assistance to 01/13/21

**Due to extraordinary circumstances the Deadline has been EXTENDED for submission of the Request for Public Assistance (RPA) under DR4562 to 01/13/21 **

Federal funding is available to local, tribal governments, state agencies, special districts and certain private nonprofit organizations in designated areas (counties) for emergency work and the repair or replacement of public facilities damaged by the wildfires and Straight-Line Winds that occurred in Oregon between September 07, 2020 – November 03, 2020. FEMA Public Assistance available categories in the designated counties is attached(dec 4562.pdf).

The federal share of assistance is not less than 75% of the eligible cost for emergency measures and permanent restoration. Please see attached dec 4562 map for designation and category of assistance.

FEMA Public Assistance Categories of Work

May contain: text


Eligible Applicants : include local governments, tribal governments, special districts, state agencies, and certain *private nonprofits (PNP) that have incurred cost for response activities and/or have sustained facility damage as a direct result of the event of September 07, 2020 through November 03, 2020

*PNPs are those entities that provide a governmental type service, and have a 501(c), (d) or (e) tax exception status. PNPs please refer to FEMA Public Assistance Program and Guide (link below), page 43 regarding PNP eligible facilities and required documentation. Note: Certain PNPs that have damages to their facilities may be directed to apply to SBA loan first, the deadline to apply to SBA is January 13, 2021.

Request for Public Assistance (RPA) Submission – Due 30 days from Declaration Date – Extended to 01/13/21 for DR4562OR. Eligible entities that have response costs and or damages as a direct result of the event and are seeking federal financial assistance should submit an RPA. Once the RPA is approved, the applicant is assigned a State and FEMA Program Delivery Manager to assist with the FEMA process in developing eligible projects for reimbursement.

Applying for FEMA Public Assistance – FEMA Grants Portal Registration
Eligible applicants
include state, local governments, tribal governments, special districts and certain private nonprofits (PNP) in designated areas may apply directly through registering in FEMA Grants Portal.

For new Applicants registering in FEMA Grants Portal

  • Go to
  • Register Your Organization for Public Assistance
  • Complete organizational profile (basic information about organization)
  • New Applicants will select NO when prompted in Grants Portal to submit a Request for Public Assistance (RPA) - (DR4562 option to submit RPA is not available until registration process is complete and approved by OEM)
  • After the new Applicant completes the account request the account creation must be approved by the State (OEM) before the new Applicant can submit an RPA for DR4562
  • After OEM approves, the Applicant’s primary contact listed will receive a system generated email with a user name and temporary password
  • Once Applicant receives they can log back into FEMA Grants Portal to submit a Request for FEMA Public Assistance (RPA) for DR4562

Already Registered in FEMA Grants Portal?
Applicants whom are already registered in FEMA Grants Portal can submit an RPA for their organization directly by logging into

Unable to access FEMA Grants Portal to submit RPA or need assistance in creating Public Assistance Grants Portal user account?
Please contact Selicity Icefire, Public Assistance Grants Assistant at (503)378-3934, email

Resource Materials:
FEMA Public Assistance Policy and Guide Book (PAPPG): Resource on FEMA Public Assistance Eligibility and Process.

OR 16710 A2 esign.pdf16710-01 OR.pdfdec_4562.pdf

Julie Slevin, State Public Assistance Officer, 503.378.2235
Dan Gwin, Deputy State Public Assistance Officer, 503-378-3254