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Public Infrastructure Impacts December

Based upon what has been reported, impacts are significant to warrant further evaluation.    We are asking those counties that have impacts to conduct an Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) for public infrastructure. 

Download More Inforamtion:

Initial Damage Assessment Field Data Collection Form for Public Infrastructure, who completes this form?  The public , tribal or certain private nonprofit entity legally responsible for the response cost or damaged facility, such as -

  • County Departments,
  • Municipalities, cities, towns
  • Certain Private Non-profit Organizations (see attached PNP Guidelines)
  • Special Districts (ORS 198.010)
  • State Agencies – Submit IDA directly to OEM
  • Tribal Governments

The entities site above complete their own IDA Public Infrastructure data form and submit the completed form(s) to the County EM for roll up of impacts and costs for that County.  The County submits the Initial Damage Assessment Summary Report Form, and the field data forms to OEM for review and consolidation into the State’s overall impacts.

Note: for debris removal (Category A) you may include you regular time labor in your estimates and actual costs when reporting in the IDA.

For the purpose of the IDA we request you report for those costs and damages that occurred as a direct result of the severe weather on or near December 26, 2022 – ~December 31, 2022.  The incident period is defined as the time span during which the hazard causing incident occurs.  Typically, the incident starts and stops with the atmospheric weather system. OEM will work with the NWS on the period of length and type of incident.  In order to define the costs with the incident it is very important to identify the date of occurrence and the cause (ice, snow, flood, etc.) to the damage or emergency activity.

Please submit your IDAs by January 23, 2023, COB. If you need additional time, please let us know. Keep in mind that you can update the IDA upon receipt of additional information, we just ask that you identify and notify us that the County IDA has been updated.   OEM will work with state agencies directly on their IDAs across county lines.

County EMs, please work with your Regional Coordinator for submission of the Infrastructure IDA data forms (IDA – PA Field form) and County Summary (IDA County Summary Rollup of Impacts) and cc your submission to and

List of Recovery Regional Coordinators (RRC)-Contact Information:

Portland Metro Region – Amanda Mathis 971-719-0991

Willamette Valley Region - Amanda Mathis 971-719-0991

Northwest Region – Garrett Reeves 503-302-8971

Southwest Region – GT Auch 971-718-2070