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Public Assistance COVID-19 FEMA Region Ten Update 10-19-20

For those entities preparing to submit their Request for Public Assistance (RPA) - There are FEMA webinars training available this week that would benefit governmental entities and certain private nonprofits who are or will be submitting their Request for Public Assistance (RPA) for the DR4562, Wildfires and Straight-Line Winds event.

Recommended training for DR4562 –

  • Grants Portal Overview
  • Request for Public Assistance and Applicant Impact Survey

Note: Please track your time, date and title of course when attending these PA related training/ webinar.  Attending these trainings have potential for reimbursement as administrative cost/management cost.

Management Costs

In accordance to FEMA recovery Policy FP 104-11-2 and FEMA Public Assistance Policy and Guide Book (PAPPG) FEMA provides contributions for management costs based on actual costs incurred up to 5 percent of the Subrecipients total FEMA Public Assistance (PA) eligible project costs.

The Management Cost eligible activities include those related to developing FEMA PA projects and receiving reimbursement (see page 4 of FP 104-11-2, link below)

In summary FEMA Public Assistance Management Costs

  • FEMA Public Assistance allows for reimbursement of administrative/management costs incurred.
  • Management costs may not exceed 5 percent of the Subrecipients total FEMA eligible project costs.
  • Subrecipients must provide documentation to substantiate costs claimed for eligible management activities. Additionally, costs claimed must be reasonable.
  • OEM the pass-through entity reimburses management costs based upon supporting documentation submitted by the sub recipient.

Be sure to track PA grant related activity and training (date & title) related to the FEMA Public Assistance program for potential future reimbursement and Management Costs.

Reference Documents and Guides

Grants Portal Webinars for this week (10/19 – 10/23): See attached PDF. If you have a training need please let us know and we can coordinate to have more GP webinar timeslots added. As a reminder the weekly Grants Portal Webinar schedule is also available under the support, and general resources section on Grants Portal site.

Economic Recovery Resource Roadmap for COVID-19: The Economic Recovery Resource Roadmap is now posted to the COVID-19 page on