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Previously Awarded Internship Grants

The below projects were awarded an SDAO Internship Grant in 2023:


Aurora Fire District - Hire a student to identify all of gates, draft sites, landing zones, and more within the district and have them inputted.

Central Lincoln P.U.D. - Hire an electrical engineering intern to create and provide new ways to manage our most valuable assets as a utility.

Crook County Parks and Recreation - Hire an intern to help the district pursue the National Recreation and Parks Association Commission for Accreditated Parks and Recreation Agencies.  

Halsey-Shedd RFPD - Hire an intern to focus on safety and compliance using the latest standards, rule changes, and regulations. 

Lower Umpqua Library District - Hire an intern to assist with the new PNW section and making it accessible to the public.

McKenzie Fire & Rescue - Hire an intern to work as a liaison between NWYC and other organizations interested in fuels reduction and McKenzie Fire & Rescue. 

Nesika Beach-Ophir Water District - Hire an intern for a special project to begin installing new water meters throughout the district. 

Nestucca RFPD - Hire an intern to assist with the project to identify all private bridges in the fire district and send letters to the owners about posting the weight limits for the brigde and the need for ongoing safety inspections. 

Netarts Water District - Hire an intern to manage a three-phase technology modernization project to modernize the district's public information and payment processing. 

Owyhee Irrigation District - Hire an intern to build applicable apps through the ArcGIS platform using Survey123, Dashboards, Workflows, and Fields Apps for the purpose of completing, tracking, and responding to routine inspections, reported issues/concerns, vehicle/equipment inspections/pre-trip checks, and special projects.

Polk County Fire District #1 - Hire a work study employee to sort documentation, digitize necessary documents, and destroy the rest.

Springfield Utility Board - Hire an intern to create a new SUB employee safety training video, enhance IntraSUB's safety section with updated and relevant information, resources, and documents, create a new SUB Supervisor video, assist with finalizing the new safety manual and safety SOP project, and design and coordinate the second annual Safety and Wellness Fair.

Sunriver Service District - Hire an intern to help digitize and purge current paper records belonging to the district, police department, and fire department.

Tri County Cooperative Weed Management Area - Hire a work study employee to inventory and treat noxious weeds and work with landowners/partners to implement noxious weed management plans.