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New Grant Opportunities - Week of July 21st, 2023

Department of Commerce

FY 2023 Rural Energy for America (REAP) Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Program

WHAT DOES IT FUND? The purpose of this program is to enable applicants to provide technical assistance to agricultural producers and rural small businesses applying to the funding agency's Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). Click here for more information.

WHO'S ELIGIBLE? State, tribal, or local governments, land-grant colleges and universities and other institutions of higher education, electric cooperatives, public power entities, investor-owned utilities, councils, as defined under the resource conservation and development program, nonprofit entities, for-profit entities, sole proprietor businesses, and other business entities


WHEN'S IT DUE? August 15, 2023 


Department of


FY 2023 Underserved and Indigenous Community Microgrids

WHAT DOES IT FUND? This program will support multi-year research, development and demonstration (RD&D) of tools and technologies to enhance the reliability and resilience of the nation’s energy infrastructure. The research will focus on development and deployment/demonstration of advanced microgrid-enabling technologies, including renewable generation and storage systems, multi-nodal small-scale high-voltage direct current, advanced demand-side management strategies, and microgrid control systems. Click here for more information.

WHO'S ELIGIBLE? Local and state governments, domestic institutions of higher education, for-profit entities, non-profit entities, and tribal nations


WHEN'S IT DUE? September 15, 2023


Department of

Housing and Urban Development

FY 2023-2024 Authority to Accept Proposals for Research Partnerships  

WHAT DOES IT FUND? The purpose of this program is to allow HUD to accept unsolicited research proposals that address current research priorities and allow greater flexibility in addressing evidence gaps concerning strategic policy questions and to better utilize external expertise in evaluating effectiveness of programs affecting residents of urban, suburban, rural, and tribal areas, as well as local innovations in the delivery of these programs. Click here for more information.

WHO'S ELIGIBLE? Local and state governments, philanthropic entities, other Federal agencies, Indian Tribes, tribally-designated housing entities, colleges or universities located in the United States


WHEN'S IT DUE? June 30, 2025


Department of Commerce

FY 2024 National Leadership Grants (Part A): Libraries (NLG-L)

WHAT DOES IT FUND? The purpose of this program is to support projects that address current and future needs of the museum and library fields that have the potential to advance practices so that museums and libraries can improve services for the American public. Click here for more information.

WHO'S ELIGIBLE? Applicants are libraries that are either units of state, local, or tribal government or private nonprofit organizations that have nonprofit status under the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended


WHEN'S IT DUE? September 20, 2023