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Merina+Co works with government and small business to develop and improve organizational strategy,  operations, and process to help you achieve your goals and do more with less. We will assist your organization in becoming more efficient, more effective, and more productive. Merina+Co is widely known for our “value-added” approach which results in timely, cost-effective and implementable recommendations across all facets of your organization, including: finance, human resources, information technology, legal/justice, procurement, economic development, transportation, agriculture, law enforcement and emergency response, parks and recreation, public works, engineering, capital project delivery, maintenance and operations, planning, and water/environmental services, etc.

We have provided services for a wide range of governmental entities. Leading the industry in providing practical, implementable solutions – organizational and financial – to municipalities of all shapes and sizes.



Provide a preliminary assessment of workflows, operations, or internal controls – at no charge to members.  We can determine which is most helpful to them on a case by case basis after a short conversation – whether they may want a facilities and deferred maintenance assessment, an evaluation of efficiency in the finance (or other department), or an assessment of internal controls.

We believe the preliminary assessment will take between 2 hours (for a small member) to as much as a day (for a large organization).  The value to the member will be the fresh look and some base recommendations for further action.  We can also be available to assist with a deeper dive or implementation at a fee going from there.


7624 SW Mohawk St
Tualatin, OR 97062