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Making Executive Director Performance Evaluation Meaningful

This session is designed to address one of the most difficult requirements that a Board of Directors or Commissioners face – how best to evaluate the performance of its CEO, General Manager, Executive Director, District Manager, etc. The presentation covers such subjects as:

• Does Executive Director evaluation make a difference?
• Who should conduct the evaluation?
• What criteria should performance be measured against?
• What information should be solicited for the evaluation?
• Who should contribute information to the evaluation?
• What documentation should be kept and by whom?
• What role should employees have in the evaluation process?
• How should performance be rewarded?

Designed for Board of Director or Commission members, this workshop will be lively, informative, and describe some things that do and don’t work. In addition to case studies and discussion about best practices, participants will receive a packet of information designed to help them implement an effective system of CEO Evaluation in their own organizations, including sample evaluation forms, performance criteria to consider, information on 360° reviews (evaluations that provide feedback from all the various constituencies), and suggestions for how to conduct the actual evaluation conversation.

Part 1

Part 2