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Low and No Cost Naloxone for Special Districts

**From the Oregon Health Authority**
On behalf of the Oregon Health Authority’s Health Systems Division: Adult Addictions, Treatment, Recovery, Prevention and Support Services, we would like to thank all our Special Districts across the state for your hard work and tireless service to rural and underserved communities. In light of the continuing, and increasingly severe, overdose response, we would like to take this minute to review some options for securing naloxone.

If you opt to purchase naloxone, no special district should be paying full retail prices. There is the option of purchasing nasal Narcan directly from the manufacturer, Emergent BioSolutions (EBSI) at reduced public interest pricing or applying for an MMCAP Infuse account where you will have access to low cost naloxone, the price of which is negotiated through this state buyer’s club.

Lastly, for agencies committed to handing out naloxone directly to people who use drugs or people at highest risk of overdose, they are welcome to apply for the Save Lives Oregon/Salvando Vidas Oregon Harm Reduction Supply Clearinghouse project, where they will have access to limited amounts of no cost supplies, including naloxone. See below for more details.

For your reference, we are attaching two documents to this email as well:

For any follow up questions, please reach out directly to


Emergent BioSolutions (EBSI)

  • Manufacture Narcan. Agencies can purchase Narcan directly from EBSI at public interest prices.
  • Only available to agencies that are neither planning to sell the product nor seeking insurance reimbursement.
  • Public Interest Pricing is currently set at $47.50 per 2-dose box of Narcan.
  • Contact Miae Aramori at

MMCAP Membership

  • MMCAP Infuse is a state buyer’s club. They negotiate lower prices for medication and medical supplies on behalf of all their members. They operate in all 50 states.
  • To purchase/dispense any medications through their contracted distributors, including naloxone, MMCAP memberships require a provider’s signature.
  • After a membership is established, agencies can order any medication or medical supplies through a distributor at significantly lower prices.
  • Contact Kim Hankins at

Save Lives Oregon/Salvando Vidas Oregon Harm Reduction Supply Clearinghouse Project

  • Provides no cost harm reduction supplies, including naloxone, to agencies that meet eligibility requirements. Agencies are limited to a set spending cap based on activities in the community and available funding.
  • Eligibility requirements: agencies must be planning to directly hand out Clearinghouse supplies to people who use drugs and people at highest risk of overdose. For different agencies this make look like the following types of activities:
    • Local Public Health Authorities: syringe service programs, homeless outreach programs, harm reduction efforts embedded in other programs.
    • Fire/EMS/Police: Leave Behind activities -- as first responders engage in community overdose reversal efforts, they also leave naloxone behind with community members who may be at risk for future repeat overdoses. 
    • SUD withdrawal/detox/outpatient/residential treatment facilities: distribution to people who are in recent recovery and at risk of returning to use, or people who are waitlisted, dismissed or leave against medical advice.

Steps to Apply:

Step 1: Application

  • Complete and submit the application via
  • Only one application is needed for each organization. Please note: The following are necessary to complete an application:
    • A Secretary of State Organization/Entity Registry Number. The number can be located using the “Find a Business” Search function on the Oregon Secretary of State webpage via
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Identification Number (FIN)
  • Once an application is submitted, the SLO Clearinghouse team will reach out to confirm eligibility. The application acceptance process takes about a week.

Step 2: Account Set-up and Bridge Naloxone

  • Once an application is accepted, the account set up process begins, which can take up to 90 days to complete. The agency will be given the opportunity to order naloxone during this time to bridge the account set-up process.

Step 3: Ordering

  • After the account is set up, sites will be assigned a spending cap based on available funding and site activities.
  • Sites can order naloxone and other harm reduction supplies directly through the SLO Clearinghouse distributors.

Step 4: Reporting

Step 5: Activities

  • Receive support as needed from the SLO Clearinghouse team.