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Looking for Project Funding Opportunities? NSDC Has You Covered.

Earlier this year, the National Special Districts Coalition (NSDC) launched a tool to streamline special district members’ ability to search for project or program funding opportunities.

In partnership with The Ferguson Group (TFG), NSDC established a “project idea portal” for districts to submit projects for which funding opportunities are sought. Districts are welcome to submit details of the project via the webform, which TFG’s grants team will review and work with the district to identify and apply for potential grant and finance opportunities.

Click here to access the NSDC Project Idea Portal

Because of SDAO’s membership to the National Coalition, we are excited to offer you this value-added benefit through our national Coalition at no cost.

NSDC members may also access TFG grant guides offering information on authorized federal financial programs on several policy topics including water and wastewater, fire protection, rural development, economic development, recreation and parks, transportation and more. Furthermore, NSDC members may receive weekly updates on newly opened federal grant opportunities of general interest to special districts. To request these resources, please contact Cole Arreola-Karr, NSDC Federal Advocacy Director, at

Interested members utilizing the Project Idea Portal may, but are not obligated to, seek further engagement with TFG’s full grant services using a discounted, grandfathered rate offered to NSDC members. Information submitted via the Microsoft Form is will not be shared outside NSDC.

The portal was launched alongside the publication of a NSDC special report outlining newly authorized and updated programs included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). The publication provides brief summaries of IIJA’s 45 new federal programs and details 36 programs the law revised/updated.

Follow the latest updates from NSDC on its website and blog, its Facebook page, Twitter, or LinkedIn Profile. For more information on Special Districts Association of Oregon’s NSDC membership, contact Jennifer Quisenberry