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Legislative Update - January 2024

Legislative Update

Hasina Wittenberg, Government Relations Strategies Inc.

November 2023 Election Results

There were 56 local measures sent to voters for consideration during the November 2023 election.  40% of the measures were local levies and almost all (95%) were approved. 100% of county measures passed, 40% of city measures passed and 83% of special district measures passed.  There were also nine bond measures that passed (66% overall success rate). A summary of the five categories of measures and their results can be found below:


2024 Legislative Session

Prior to convening for a maximum of 35-day 2024 legislative session on February 5th the legislature will meet for “interim committee days” January 10-12, 2024. Some legislative concepts will be made public during interim days with the majority of legislation made public around the 29th of January. A calendar of 2024 session deadlines can be found here:

Governor Kotek continues to reiterate her commitment to addressing housing and homelessness as priorities for the 2024 legislative session.


It is also expected that the following other topics will receive consideration:

Ballot Measure 110 Repeal/Fix


2024 Session Hot Topics


Community College Funding


Vehicle Taxes