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Heat and Smoke Rules – What You Need to Know

As you may have seen, OR-OSHA adopted rules for heat illness prevention and exposure to wildfire smoke. You need to be in compliance with them on or before their effective dates. If you missed our review of these rules and roundtable discussion, you can find a recording of it at

Heat Rule – Effective Date June 15th  (Text of Rule)
SDAO has developed a short, 15-minute heat illness prevention webinar, to assist members with the generic portion of the training. In this webinar, we also discuss district specific items that your district will still need to provide training to your staff on. OR-OSHA is working to get a sample heat illness prevention program, heat injury prevention rest break schedule, and acclimatization plan available for employers to build their program from. We will get another email out to you once these resources are available.

Smoke Rule – Effective Date July 1st (Text of Rule)
OR-OSHA is updating their online training to be in compliance with the new rule. I have been told they hope to have that training available around June 15th. Again we will get another email out when this resource is available.

If you have any questions or need assistance with either of these rules please reach out to us at