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Grassroots Mobilization Survey

May contain: advertisement, poster, flyer, paper, and brochure

Below, please enter any personal state or federal legislative contacts you have developed and your comfort level engaging in advocacy efforts, then press submit at the bottom of the page. If you have more than three contacts, simply submit a second form with your additional contacts.

Your answers will remain confidential. If an opportunity arises for you to consider asking one of your contacts to support or oppose an important legislative action, SDAO staff will personally reach out to you with a personalized request. Grassroots Mobilization Survey respondents are typically contacted by SDAO staff no more than about once or twice per year, sometimes less, and it will be your choice whether or not to act upon the opportunity at that time.

Thank you for strengthening the voice of special districts!

Use this matrix as a guide:
1) I’ve met the lawmaker in person
2) I’ve had multiple direct interactions with the lawmaker
3) The lawmaker knows me and would recognize me by name/face
4) The lawmaker and I are well-acquainted; we have had many personal interactions over the course of   many years
5) The lawmaker is a friend or close personal acquaintance and would return my message personally

Thank you.

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