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What is a Special District?

Special districts are a form of local government. They are created by their constituents to meet specific service needs for their communities. Most perform a single function such as water delivery, fire protection, wastewater or cemetery maintenance, to name a few. Some, like county service districts, provide multiple services. Check out our brochure for more details and learn about everything special districts have to offer.


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How Can I Get Involved with My Special District?

There are multiple ways to get involved with your local district! You can join their team as an employee, board member, or volunteer. All special districts have their own unique opportunities for involvement. We advise that you check their website or reach out to them by phone to learn how.


Volunteer at Your Special District

Volunteering in local government can be very rewarding. Your work will make a direct impact on your community. Learn more about volunteering.


Work for Your Local Special District

There are often a wide variety of career paths one can take at a special district. All districts are unique and have different jobs available. Some are more traditional while others are positions that wear many hats. Check out our classifieds page for Oregon districts that are hiring.