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Frequently Asked Questions: SDAO/OFDDA Fire District Directors Academy

SDAO/OFDDA Fire District Directors Academy banner. Contains image of firefighter.

1. I do not serve on the board of a fire district but am employed by one. Can I participate?
This program is only for individuals who serve on the board of an Oregon fire district that is also a member of Oregon Fire District Directors Association. If you are an employee of one of our SDAO member districts, we encourage you to enroll in the SDAO Academy which is targeted toward professional development of special district employees.

2. This program sounds great. How can I sign up for the training and what day is it on?
This is not a single training or a program that can be completed in one day. Each module has required trainings within them. Any training that is facilitated by SDAO or OFDDA will indicate what training credit can be received and for which modules. 

3. I have signed up for a course offered by another organization that covers the same topics as the Academy. How can I get credit for that?
We will not accept training credit from outside organizations for this program. All trainings must be offered by SDAO or OFDDA. You will see the information on all trainings indicating which modules/trainings the course applies to.

4. I took board trainings just last year. Can I apply those to this program?
No. Only trainings taken July 1, 2020 and onward can apply to this program.

5. Who will be providing the trainings?
SDAO staff, OFDDA identified trainers, and other qualified speakers will be providing the trainings.

6. What are my district's membership requirements to participate?
Your district needs to be a member of OFDDA.

7. How do I sign up?
Please fill out an enrollment form and return to SDAO Member Services.