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Facebook Live on wildfire smoke

As wildfires continue throughout the state, many of you are wondering what exposure to unhealthy to hazardous air quality levels means for the health of you and your loved ones. Yesterday, OHA, Oregon OSHA and Oregon DEQ held a Facebook Live to answer questions from people in Oregon. You can watch the recording at the links below:

Facebook (English):

Facebook (Spanish):


Here are timestamps of the questions:


16:55 – Does it help to use damp face coverings for smoke?

17:30 – Do N95 masks protect against household toxins that have burned?

19:10 – What is the best mask for folks who have to work outside?

20:15 – Would you recommend opening windows in yellow or orange areas to clean out the air inside?

21:50 – What do we know about the long-term health effects of the smoke?

22:55 – How safe is the air in our vehicles?

23:30 – How dangerous is the high CO2?

25:10 – With all of the toxic particulates in the air, how is this affecting our water supply?

26:45 – Are fruits and vegetables from my garden safe to eat?

27:20 – Are medical fit tests still required for N95 masks?

30:00 – What should workers who work outside and are at high-risk do to stay safe?

31:07 – Where can I get a free N95 or KN95 mask?