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Claims Guide


SDIS Claims Guide
Claims Contacts

Claims Office (24/7 Response)
800-305-1736 or 503-670-7066
PO Box 23879 | Tigard OR 97281 Property/Casualty
Fax: 503-620-9817
E-mail: Workers’ Compensation
Fax: 503-620-6217


Director of Risk and Claims Management               
Scott Neufeld: 503-510-1031 

P/C Claims Manager
Jens Jensen: 971-777-5177             

Workers’ Compensation Manager
Gina Wescott: 503-680-8904 

Crime Claims
• If you believe a crime has been committed, immediately notify law enforcement authorities.
• Contact your district’s insurance agent.
• Contact the SDAO Claims Department at 800-305-1736 or 
• As the claim process moves forward, you will be required to answer questions under oath and provide a signed statement.
• Produce all pertinent records for examination.
• Provide a sworn “Proof of Loss” form within 120 days. SDIS will provide this form to you if a claim is filed.
• Fully cooperate in the investigation of the claim and possible criminal and/or civil action against the involved individual.
Liability Claims
• Provide reasonable and necessary assistance to anyone or any property injured or damaged in an accident.
• Contact any necessary emergency responders like fire, ambulance, police, etc.
• Feel free to discuss FACTS with appropriate parties, but avoid making any statements that admit fault, responsibility or guilt.
• Obtain and record the:
.. Date of incident;
.. Location of incident;
.. Name, address, phone, e-mail, etc. for all involved parties;
.. Summary of the incident; and
.. What/who was injured and/or damaged in the incident.
• Contact your district’s insurance agent.
• Contact the SDAO Claims Department at 800-305-1736 or by email.
• Cooperate with the adjuster in the investigation and resolution of the claim.
Property Claims
• Immediately notify law enforcement authorities if you feel a crime may have been committed.
• Contact your district’s insurance agent.
• Contact the SDAO Claims Department at 800-305-1736 or by email.
• Take all reasonable steps to protect property from further damage by any cause (including weather).
• Make sure damaged equipment is not altered in any fashion.
• Take photos that document both the accident and damaged property.
• As the claim process moves forward, you will need to:
.. Cooperate with attempts to seek redress if another person or organization is at-fault for your damages; and
.. Cooperate with the adjuster in the investigation and resolution of the claim.
Workers’ Compensation Claims
When filing a claim, there are two forms that must be completed and a third form that must be given to the injured worker. The Employee/Employer Report of Job Injury or Illness (Form 801) is the first form that must be completed by the employee and employer in order to file a workers’ compensation claim. The second form is the Pain Diagram and this form must be completed by the injured worker.
In addition to a copy of the Form 801, the worker must also be given a copy of the third document, Form 3283 “A Guide for Workers Recently Hurt on the Job”.
Please read the instructions on each form carefully and distribute all required copies to the appropriate parties. Form 801 is required by the Oregon Administrative Rules to be completed, signed by the employee and the employer, and sent to SDAO within five days of the date of injury.
Questions? Contact the SDAO Workers’ Compensation Department at 800-305-1736 or by email.
Equipment Breakdown
Follow the steps in the Property Claims section. In addition:
• Secure and preserve any and all damaged property for inspection.
• Protect equipment from further damage by any cause – including weather. If possible, set equipment aside for later examination.
• Allow the equipment breakdown adjuster reasonable time and opportunity to examine the property and premises before starting repairs.
Automobile Accident
• Assess yourself, your passengers and your vehicle for immediate danger. If necessary, evacuate the vehicle, move your vehicle to the side of the road (out of traffic) and take reasonable and necessary steps to prevent further injury or damage.
• If anyone is seriously injured, call 911 immediately. 
• If you cannot remove the vehicles from the right of way, contact your local law enforcement and advise them of the situation.
• Obtain the name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and state, and insurance company name and policy number from the driver(s) of other vehicle(s) involved in the accident.
• Obtain the name, address, and phone numbers for all passengers in both vehicles and any witnesses to the accident.
• Obtain the make, model, color, body style, and license plate number and state for any and all other vehicles involved in the accident.
• Obtain the jurisdiction and report or case number for any emergency responders to the accident.
• Take photos of the accident scene and all vehicles. Take photos from all angles, but only if you can safely walk around the scene and the vehicles.
• If possible, draw a quick diagram of the scene. Please note any side streets, traffic control devices, lanes of travel, speed limits, etc. Once the diagram is complete, draw each vehicle in its final location and then use a dashed line to show its path prior to the accident.
• Contact your district’s insurance agent.
• Contact the SDAO Claims Office at 800-305-1736 or by email.
• Cooperate with the adjuster in the investigation and resolution of the claim.
Pre-Loss Legal Services
Members participating in the SDIS Property/Casualty program have the opportunity to consult with an attorney before considering an action that may lead to a claim or lawsuit. Legal assistance must be referred by SDAO staff to an attorney contracted with SDIS to perform services under the Pre-Loss Legal Program. Each authorized referral will be entitled to up to three (3) hours of free legal assistance. SDIS will not pay any legal fees resulting from a district contacting an attorney rather than going through the above outlined steps.
Contact us at 800-285-5461 and ask to speak to someone regarding a pre-loss legal issue, or send an e-mail.