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Board Member Spotlight: MaryKay Dahlgreen

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What role do you serve at your special district and how long have you been with them? I have served as the Director of the Lincoln County Library District (LCLD) since August of 2018.

How did you get involved with your district? I have been a librarian in Oregon off and on since 1984 and have always admired the good work that library districts accomplish for Oregonians. When this opportunity presented itself I jumped at the chance. The fact that it was at the Oregon coast didn't hurt either.

Why did you seek to join the SDAO Board of Directors? There are so many types of districts in SDAO with so many different functions it feels important to provide and learn from many different perspectives.

How has SDAO helped you or your district? When I started at LCLD I had lots of experience with libraries, some experience with special districts but had never been in a position where I needed to know everything about special library districts. SDAO has provided me and the district with context, information, and valuable assistance with issues that could have turned out badly. The staff is amazing and the level of professionalism and dedication is remarkable.

Tell us about your life outside of your day job(s). I love to read (bet you are surprised about that). My husband and I live in Corvallis and have a cabin in Camp Sherman. Although I haven't been able to go to the theatre during the pandemic, I love musical theatre and am planning my next trip to New York City to binge on Broadway shows.