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Board Member Spotlight: Emily Stumpf

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What role do you serve at your special district and how long have you been with them?
I’m the Policy and Administration Manager at Multnomah County Drainage District, so I manage our elected boards, provide policy and budget development support, and also lead the department responsible for communications, HR, and office management. I’ve been with the district almost 5 years.

Why did you seek to join the SDAO Board of Directors?
I’m really passionate about local government administration, and I’ve had awesome experiences working with SDAO over the last several years for conferences and trainings. I was excited about the opportunity to help support these services that have so much value to special districts and those staff and elected officials who are engaged in their communities and making a positive impact.

How has SDAO helped you or your district?
I’ve leaned on SDAO for a lot of help over the years to understand and communicate information about public meetings, public records, and the roles and responsibilities of board members. Through SDAO, many of our staff and board members have been able to build a network of those in similar roles.

Tell us about your life outside of your day job(s).
I love spending time outdoors in the summer near a body of water, kicking around on the Deschutes or at my family’s cabin on Swift Reservoir in Southwest Washington. In the winter, I try to find myself somewhere in the snow, whether snowboarding or just enjoying the outdoors. I love cooking and baking - I enjoy following recipes to a T - and trying to keep my golf game good enough.