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Best Practices Credit Eligible Trainings

For the 2021 SDIS Best Practices Program, there are two categories that require training completion for credit. Below are the training options to fulfill each of these credit opportunities:

Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation – Credit: 2%
To assist our members with staying committed to protecting data, assets, and employee information, we have worked with Eide Bailley to put together resources to help mitigate your district’s cybersecurity risks.

Your district will receive 2% credit in this category by completing one of the following:

  • One board member, staff person or volunteer attend one of five virtual cybersecurity webinars OR
  • One board member, staff person or volunteer attend one of three training sessions on cyber-related topics. 

Eligible Training Sessions



SDAO/SDIS Training – Credit: 2%
You must certify that at least one board member, staff or volunteer has attended (in person or virtually) one of following: 

  • 2021 SDAO Annual Conference
  • 2021 SDAO Regional TrainingRisk ManagementHuman ResourcesBoard of Directors and Management Staff
  • An SDAO/SDIS risk management training or management consulting training conducted by SDAO staff during the 2021 policy year
  • An SDAO/SDIS online webinar or training