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Advanced Board Skills: Choosing Collaboration & Clarity Over Chaos

Christy Monson, Local Government Law Group
All over the world, citizens are shaking their heads as their leaders resort to childish squabbling, name-calling, and deflection instead of leading with honesty, integrity, honor and respect. In this one-hour session, we will discuss why this type of misbehavior has such a strong pull on modern-day elected officials; how to recognize when an honest disagreement is turning into chaotic conflict; how your board can plan for, address, and honor differences of opinion without compromising ideals; and what you can do when disagreement turns ugly and becomes detrimental to your entire community.

*SDAO Academy: District Management: Board Relations (5 Credits)
*Board Leadership Academy: Module 1: Representing the Board
*Fire District Directors Academy: Module 1: Representing the Board