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2023 Oregon Legislative Session Update 

Deadlines/Session Information 

The Legislature is 1/3rd of the way through the 2023 Legislative Session. March 17th is the cut off for bills to be posted for work session in their first chamber of origin in order to remain alive (this deadline does not include bills in Joint Committees, Rules, Revenue or Ways and Means).  

April 4th is the deadline to move bills out of their first chamber committee. Nearly 2,800 bills have been printed and just over 100 bills have received Senate or House approval; zero bills have made it to the Governor’s desk. 

Senate Republicans have decided to not waive “rules suspension” for third reading of bills. As a result, until further notice, Senate bills will be read in their entirety prior to a floor vote. Senate floor sessions are scheduled four days a week vs the House who meets a few times a week. 


Oregon Health Authority (OHA) 

OHA announced that the health care setting mask mandate will be lifted on April 3rd - OHA Interim Director James Schroder announced, after two months on the job, that he is stepping down (April 17th). OHA’s Chief Financial Officer Dave Baden will serve as the new interim director until a permanent director is selected. 



After a decade of service to the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission, Executive Director Steve Marks resigned and has been replaced by a veteran state agency professional Craig Prins. Craig is a former deputy district attorney, legislative judiciary committee counsel, executive director of the criminal justice commission and inspector general of the Oregon Department of Corrections and will serve as the interim director until a permanent replacement is named. OLCC Board Chair Paul Rosenbaum resigned at the request of Governor Kotek and has been replaced with the longest serving member of the current commission Marvin Reoval. 


Governor’s Budget Director 

George Naughton, the State’s Chief Financial Officer, announced he plans to step down. Naughton has served as the CFO under three previous governors (Brown, Kulongoski, Kitzhaber). Naughton’s timing comes at a time when Ways and Means budget writers are buckling down to craft a budget that will allocate over $30 billion in tax revenues to state agencies. The Joint Ways and Means committee plans to travel across Oregon for a series of committee “roadshow” hearings April 21-24. 


HD 1 Replacement 

Former Curry County Commissioner Court Boice was selected by Coos, Curry and Douglas County commissioners to replace Rep. David Brock Smith who moved to the Senate to fill the vacancy created by former State Senator Dallas Heard.  


The legislature is scheduled to adjourn sine die on or before June 26.